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You were a student nurse at your local school. Well, you're more of an assistant than an actual person who fixed health problems kids often came in with.

The nurse had been busy working elsewhere which left you alone in the office. She predicted hardly any tension would occur and cause injured or sick students to come to school. It meant, it made it easier for people to head home already. It was currently on your mind right now since nothing was happening and it was your study hour. You decided to work what you needed to do for the next day and it went on for around ten minutes until a groan escaped a person from outside the hallway.

You got up from your seat and a young boy around your age collapsed into your arms. He wasn't a muscled man nor was he a stick, but the weight was unexpected and nearly sent you crumbling to the floor on your knees. Fortunately, you managed to hold a tight grip on the extra weight until you could hold him up with more than just a pair of hands and entered the office where the bed laid - cleaned and ready for new patients.

The boy managed to caught himself and hobbled onto the bed, his head lowered shamefully and he said nothing for the time being. You noticed how he wore glasses, but part of the lenses were broken while some cuts were open on his face. A few bruises marked his open arms, but he looked stronger than his body insisted being weaker was a better state.

He lifted his head, his green eyes dull, and he blinked trying to adjust to the peaceful mood in the office. He trembled with both fear and anger he nearly charged forward until you placed a hand on his shoulder which you hoped he didn't take for a wrong sign. Part of his flashed warningly, but he relaxed while his adrenaline slowed to nothing but a low vibrate.

Afterwards, you went to the sink, got a towel and lowered it under the water from the sink until it was soaked from the contact. You turned around and gently dabbed the cuts on his body which made him wince, but he didn't say anything yet his eyes widened when some parts were more fatal and required the liquid which stung to death. You had to be extra careful because he bucked when the pain shot up his body.

All of his wounds were bandaged the best you could. You hoped the actual nurse didn't mind you doing some minor things and nature forbid, the infections broke in because you messed up somewhere. Overall, he looked okay and much more calmer than he was first in.

"Thank you." He murmured softly. "Are you the student nurse? You look rather young. Too long to graduate college, but no offense there."

"No, I'm actually the nurse's assistant." You replied, throwing the stained towels into the basket.

"I see." He said and his eyes focused on the hallway.

"I know it's none of my business, but how did you get all bruised up."

"Do you know Ivan?"

"Ill-willed Ivan? The bully?" You asked. You were familiar with a tall man who picked on the weaker students.

The boy nodded and hugged himself wearily. "He likes to pick on the nerds. All I did was mind my own business and he just randomly starts to attack me."

You nodded. He seemed like a nice person. Perhaps you would bump into him tomorrow to check on his condition. You were worried for him though because of the ruthless reputation Ivan had born ever since he came to school. Somehow, you remembered three boys one of them appeared to look like the boy you had just helped out.

Eduard. That was probably his name.


The next day came and you felt proud of yourself for helping the boy.

When the nurse came back and noticed you were disinfecting the office, she asked you what happened and you honestly explained the details. Her eyes flickered with comprehension and complimented you for trying while she was gone, but slightly disappointed you didn't call to make sure you did the procedure right.

Everything went well for your classes and you heard Ivan was kept under supervision after you heard Eduard's brothers worked on trying to weed him out of trouble. From the rumors, which floated around, it sounded like the same boy from yesterday fought in self-defense. It made you learn a little more that he preferred to create than to destroy - more of a peace-keeper as his brother Toris explained.

You stopped in your tracks at lunchtime when you saw Eduard. He looked cleaner and his face lit up a little more than the dreadful look on his face during their first meeting. He noticed you and he waved, a small smile on his face. You shrugged and walked on over to him where he introduced you to Raivis and Toris who smiled at you though something inflicted them badly with the hesitation in their eyes.

"Hello." You greeted the three boys.

"I'm sorry for leaving so suddenly. My brothers tend to get worried when I'm out for a certain amount of time." Eduard said calmly. "I got your name from the nurse. ____ is it?"

"Yes, that's me." You replied nervously as the three looked at you expectantly. "So, what's up?"

"We're trying to get Eduard a girlfriend." Raivis piped up. "You look pretty enough though!"

Toris wrapped a palm over Raivis's mouth and sweat beat down the middle brother's face. He mouthed an apology while Raivis struggled under the weight.

Eduard blushed, but he didn't agree to the whole statement. "It's nothing. Just some misunderstandings."

"You can tell me, though." You offered.

"No, it's fine." He shook his head. "I can tell it to the counselor."

"I heard the counselor went away, though."

He blinked and he turned his head towards his brothers for some help, but they agreed with you on the fact. He looked shyly back and shrugged. "Why not?"


"Thank you for listening." He said. "I guess I'm feeling better now that I let it out. Are you also a counselor assistant, too?"

You giggled. "No, I'm a nurse. I heal more than just scrapes, aches, and fevers. I help fix organs such as the heart."

He leaned close to you and smiled. "Thank you, Nurse _____."
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